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Works produced with Gregorio

Several published books and smaller works have been produced using Gregorio.

Published works

Works in progress

  • Novum Antiphonale Monasticum OSB: new Liber Antiphonarius pro diurnis horis (from laudes matutinas to completorium) edited by Benedictine monks of Praglia Abbey (Padova, Italy) for Benedictine communities following the schema B (Fuglister psalms disposition), based on a 20 years depth study on manuscript sources. First volume publication scheduled for around July 11 2017, second volume planned for summer 2019 (2 volumes overall, 900 pages each about). For information, please ask here
  • Antiphonale Invectum: the Liturgy of the Hours according to the 1983 Ordo Cantus Officii
  • Missel vespéral 809: Mass and Sunday Vespers, with texts in Latin and French
  • Gregorianisches Brevier: a book of hours for the Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gebetsbruderschaft
  • Editio Sancti Wolfgangi: Roman-rite editions (extraordinary form) for the dioceses of the Czech Republic
  • Ferial English Propers: antiphons for weekday and sanctoral Masses

Additional notes

Here are additional comments about how these works were produced:

  • Hymnarium O.P.:
    • In the case of the Hymnarium, it was produced almost entirely with Gregorio and LaTeX — the only InDesign work involved was the cover. [Producing] such a large book with LaTeX as the main basis [. . .] saved a lot of time with the automation of the indexes, the cross references, and so forth. (source: Innocent Smith, O.P.)
  • Lumen Christi Missal, Simple English Propers, Ad Completorium:
    • Steven Van Roode [. . .] uses Gregorio only for the notes, then tweaks the result with Illustrator and does the final typesetting with InDesign. (source: Olivier Berten)
  • Parish Book of Psalms:
    • Each psalm setting was engraved using Gregorio and LaTeX. A LaTeX template was used to provide a consistent appearance for the engravings, and Perl programs were used to automate the batch processing of GABC files into PDF files. Individual PDF files were assembled into the book using InDesign. Other pages (title, contents, indexes) were added in InDesign. (source: Richard Chonak)
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