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Tips on using this wiki

There is a detailed tutorial here.

If you create a new page, be sure to stick this at the bottom (it is convenient):

Back to [[Start]] Page

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Tips Topics

How to create a carriage return

You can create one by either double spacing (that is, putting a blank line between the lines of text), or like this:

Put two backslash characters: \\ at the end of your line

First Line
Second Line

If you want to create a link to text in the page, try this:

Here is your link code - swap "wiki_tips" for the name of the page:

Finally, create a header somewhere; headers are also link anchors:
(A Header has at least two equal signs around it.)  //You can only link to headers.//
===A Header===\\
==Another Header==


A Header

Another Header

How to Post Code

Now, you can't just plop your tex code onto the page, else the wiki will interpret it as wiki formatting code.
Instead, put your code in code tags like these <code lua> ... </code>
Whatever is between the code tags will get rendered literally, and some bit of colour syntax highlighting will even get applied!

If you just want to “codify” inline, a single character or word, wrap the words in html tags:

<html>some word</html>

…but be sure to close it. The effect is like this.

How to Colour Your Text

To colour your text, use <color> tags:

<color blue>Blue Text</color>
<color /lightgrey>Text with Background Colour</color>
<color blue/lightgrey>Blue Text with Background Colour</color>

Blue Text
Text with Background Colour
Blue Text with Background Colour

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