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Common Unicode Characters

á é í ó ú æ œ Æ Œ ǽ Ǽ † ✠ ℟ ℣

See here for a more comprehensive list of unicode characters.

gabc Special Codes

Basically, if you put certain character sequences between the <sp></sp> “special” tags, you get “special” characters.

gabc input output
<sp>~</sp> ~
<b>bold</b> bold
<i>italic</i> italic
<ul>underlined</ul> underlined
<sc>smallcaps</sc> !!smallcaps!!
<tt>monospace</tt> monospace

*Also note that if you want to render a ``~`` character in the text area of the output, you have surround it with the special tags like this: ``<sp>~</sp>`` -if you don't put it in tags, the ``~`` simply will not show.

gabc Notation Summary

You can download a copy of this Cheat-Sheet from this site There is also this page in the GregoBase.

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