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 +The **Gregowiki** is a central location for all Gregorio users to find:
 +  * Tips and Hints
 +  * Code Snippets
 +  * Installation Procedures
 +  * Links
 +  * And anything else!
 +=====What is Gregorio?​=====
 +Gregorio is an open-source project offering software tools for typesetting (engraving) Gregorian chant scores. In particular, Gregorio is an add-on package for the typesetting system LaTeX, so it requires an installation of TeXLive. ​
 +Gregorio and LaTeX together produce PDF output suitable for printing.
 +The input to Gregorio is a notation called GABC, which combines the syllables of a chant text with a simple notation indicating the position and shape of each note.
 +**For most users, it's not necessary to install Gregorio on your own computer.** ​ Instead you can access it using one of the [[#​Running_Gregorio_on-line|on-line Gregorio web interfaces]] listed below.
 +=====On-line Tools=====
 +====Running Gregorio on-line====
 +There are two web sites that have versions of the Gregorio software installed. ​ They offer interfaces where a user can enter GABC code, make selections about the output format, and receive a PDF file with the score produced by the Gregorio (and LaTeX) software:
 +  *[[http://​​gregorio/​|Illuminare online score editor]]
 +  *[[http://​​| Chant Engraver]]
 +  *[[https://​​watch?​v=TZPP1vOO6ms|demo video]] from Corpus Christi Watershed, using
 +====Tools for preparing text====
 +Since GABC code assigns notes to syllables of the sung text, these tools can be useful in breaking up a text into syllables:
 +  *[[http://​​tools/​syllabifier/​|Syllabifier]] for Latin text
 +  *[[http://​​hyphen-la/​|Hyphen-la]] for liturgical Latin
 +  *[[http://​​hyphenator/​|Hyphenator]] for English text
 +====Tools for producing GABC code====
 +Ben Bloomfield'​s on-line tools can apply melodic formulas to hymn texts, psalm verses, and scripture texts:
 +  *[[https://​​jgabc/​transcriber.html|GABC generator for hymns]]
 +  *[[https://​​jgabc/​propers.html|GABC generator for propers with Rossini psalm-tones]]. ​ You can get a [[https://​​webstore/​detail/​gabc-transcription-tool/​mkhgaijffgijgkolifpoaijimncdakkd|Chrome app for it here]].
 +  *[[https://​​jgabc/​psalmtone.html|GABC generator for psalm texts with psalm tones]]
 +  *[[https://​​jgabc/​readings.html|GABC generator for scripture readings]]
 +=====Tutorials And Guides=====
 +  *[[http://​​tutorial/​tutorial-gabc-01.html|gabc Tutorial]]
 +  *[[Cheat Sheet|Gregorio gabc Code Reference]]
 +  *[[gabc Header Reference|Gregorio gabc Header Reference]]
 +  *[[Tex Cheat Sheet|Gregorio Tex Code Reference]] for Gregorio.
 +  *[[Tweaking Your Chant Output]]
 +  *[[Using Macros in your gabc]]
 +  *[[Working With Fonts]]
 +  *Common [[Unicode Characters]] used in chant notation (Reference)
 +  *[[Troubleshooting]]
 +  *[[Latest features]]
 +  *[[http://​​blog/​2013/​jun/​8/​gregorio-tutorial-gabc-training-video/​|Video demo of GabrielMass web interface]] (Note: the web site has been renamed since this video was made)
 +  *[[http://​​blog/​2013/​jun/​16/​try-illuminare-score-editor/​|Video demo of Illuminare Score Editor]] (Note: the editor web site has moved to a new URL since this video was made)
 +  *[[http://​​|GregoBase - database of gabc chant scores]]
 +  *[[http://​​chant_edit.php|Upload a new chant score to the GregoBase]]
 +  *[[http://​​|The Caecilia Project]] - collection of gabc scores
 +  *[[Collection of Chant-Related Links]]
 +  *[[http://​​archive/​bible/​nova_vulgata/​documents/​nova-vulgata_index_lt.html|Nova Vulgata]]
 +  *[[http://​​|Benjamin Bloomfield'​s Blog]] - the designer of some of the online gabc tools
 +  *[[http://​​|Gregorian Chant repertoire]] [[http://​​fr|fr]] [[http://​​en|en]] [[http://​|Cantus]]
 +  *[[http://​​library/​|Gradualia et Antiphonarii]]
 +  *[[.tex templates]]
 +  *[[Scripts]]
 +  *[[http://​​texlive/​|TexLive]] TeXLive is a package for installing LaTeX typesetting software. ​ It is updated annually and includes a reasonably current version of Gregorio, so if you need to install the software on your computer in order to undertake a highly customized and automated project, TeXLive is the foundation to start with.
 +  *[[http://​​|The official Gregorio web site]] ​
 +  *[[Latest features]] of Gregorio not yet integrated in the documentation
 +  *[[https://​​gregorio-project/​gregorio|Gregorio GIT]] 
 +  *[[http://​​index.html|Notatio Antiqua]] - a GUI .gabc editor and compiler.
 +  *[[http://​​bgmcoder/​download/​greg/​|Greg]] - a desktop GUI application for Gregorio. ​ It assists in compiling gabc files (windows only) and can also play them as midi files
 +  *[[https://​​jperon/​gabctk|gabc2tk]],​ that supersedes the unmaintained [[https://​​jperon/​gabc2mid|gabc2mid]] - a CLI python script to convert gabc files into midi. Tested and working under linux and windows, should work on osX ; under windows, you could prefer using Greg.
 +  *Gregorio comes with a compilation script called <​html>​gprocess</​html>​ which is a <​html>​perl</​html>​ script designed to instantly show the result of a gabc file using your system'​s pdf viewer.
 +  *[[https://​​igneus/​gly|gly]] - "Gabc with separate LYrics"​ or "Gabc for liLYponders"​
 +  *[[https://​​igneus/​lygre|lygre]] - ruby gem providing script <​html>​grely.rb</​html>​ which converts gabc to simple lilypond. Currently the conversion is possible only to modern notation, with great information loss.
 +====Text editor tools for gabc files====
 +  *[[http://​​gregorio-mode/​docs/​|gregorio-mode.el]] A Gregorio mode configuration for the Emacs editor; it performs automatic syntax highlighting. Instructions are [[http://​​8080|here]].
 +  *[[https://​​igneus/​gabc-mode|gabc-mode.el]] One (actually two) more, much simpler, Emacs mode; syntax highlighting + some quick-code-insertion shortcuts.
 +  *[[http://​​goodies/​progsamples/​|]] - A Gregorio mode configration for the Notepad++ editor, for use with .gabc files. ​ (Documentation and tutorials on  Notepad++ syntax colour files are available [[http://​​apps/​mediawiki/​notepad-plus/​index.php?​title=User_Defined_Languages|here]].
 +  *There are also several syntax-colouring files that come with your Gregorio installation. ​ Look in your Gregorio'​s application folder under "​contrib"​. (Or look in the same folder at [[https://​​gregorio-project/​gregorio/​tree/​master/​contrib|github]].) There are files for BBEdit, TextWrangler,​ Scribus, Gedit, Kedit, Emacs, Vim, and Texshop (Mac OSX).
 +  *[[How to Install TexLive]]
 +  *[[https://​​gregorio-project/​gregorio/​releases|Gregorio software releases]] for people working with the very latest editions (i.e., not most users)
 +=====Developer notes=====
 +  * [[Nabc]] ​
 +=====Technical support=====
 +  *[[Troubleshooting]]
 +  *<​html>#​gregorio</​html> ​ IRC channel on [[http://​​|freenode]].
 +  *[[http://​​channels=gregorio|Gregorio Webchat]]
 +====Mailing lists====
 +  *[[https://​​mail/?​group=gregorio|All Gregorio mailing lists]]
 +  *[[https://​​listinfo/​gregorio-users|The gregorio-users list: information and subscription form]]
 +  *[[https://​​public/​gregorio-users/​|gregorio-users Mailing List Archives]]
 +  *[[http://​​​|Search engine for gregorio-users mailing list]]
 +  *[[http://​​|MusicaSacra Forum]] - there are gregorio users there!
 +  *[[mailto:​​subject=help|List Help]]
 +  *[[mailto:​|gregorio-users Mailing List posting address]]
 +====Bug reports====
 +  *[[https://​​bugs/?​group=gregorio|View and submit Gregorio bug reports here]]
 +=====Works produced with Gregorio=====
 +Several published books and smaller works have been produced using Gregorio.  ​
 +   * [[Works produced with Gregorio]]
 +=====Helping to build this site=====
 +If you wish to contribute to the gregowiki, contact us through the [[https://​​listinfo/​gregorio-users|gregorio-users mailing list]]. ​
 +-- administrators rac, bgm, and pierre
 +  *[[Wiki Tips]] - helpful hints for using this wiki.