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   * [[https://​​BGMcoder/​84f10e252c00b8b13d94|Gregorio Compilation Script via AutoHotkey]]   * [[https://​​BGMcoder/​84f10e252c00b8b13d94|Gregorio Compilation Script via AutoHotkey]]
   * [[https://​​BGMcoder/​1485b0a04b614eb0f8d5|Simple tex Compilation Script via AutoHotkey]]   * [[https://​​BGMcoder/​1485b0a04b614eb0f8d5|Simple tex Compilation Script via AutoHotkey]]
 +  * [[https://​​jperon/​gabctk|gabctk]] a toolkit to extract data from a gabc source and convert it in various formats (lilypond, midi...)
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