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 +====== Gregorio gabc Header Reference ======
 +You can [[https://​​BGMcoder/​13e3909773c8f55add05|download it here]], too.
 +[[http://​​gregorio/​gabc/​|Original reference is on the Gregorio website]].
 +name: incipit;
 +gabc-copyright:​ copyright on this gabc file;
 +score-copyright:​ copyright on the source score;
 +office-part:​ introitus/​...;​
 +occasion: in church calendar;
 +meter: for metrical hymns;
 +commentary: source of words;
 +arranger: name of arranger;
 +gabc-version:​ 0.9.3;
 +author: if known;
 +date: xi c;
 +manuscript: ms name;
 +manuscript-reference:​ e.g. CAO reference;
 +manuscript-storage-place:​ library/​monastery;​
 +book: from which score taken;
 +transcriber:​ writer of gabc;
 +transcription-date:​ 2009;
 +gregoriotex-font:​ greciliae;
 +mode: 6;
 +initial-style:​ 1;
 +centering-scheme:​ english;
 +user-notes: whatever other comments you wish to make;
 +annotation: IN.;
 +annotation: 6;
 +(clef) text(notes)
 +Back to [[Start]] Page
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